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Islamic Republic of Iran or Iran is a Southwest Asian country which is located in the  Middle East. Iran was popularly known as Persia internationally in the early ages.

Iran stands at the 18 position as the largest country in the world in terms of area. The total area covered by Iran is around 1,648,000 square kilometers which makes it effectively the combined size of United Kingdom, France, Spain and Germany. Iran has loads to offer to its visitors with its amazing elements that are unique only to Iran.

Iran has one of the most developed civilizations strengthening the framework of its society. Iran has developed in all sphere of life and is one of the prominent features in the world map. Iran proudly displays the rich culture and heritage . Iran is also a paradise for the travelers as they get loads to explore. The cities and provinces in Iran are filled with the best of attractions which narrates the rich saga of the place.

Iran offers a great climate along with the mixed topography to enjoy for the travelers. Iran shares its borders with the neighboring countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan in its northern front. The eastern side is covered by Afghanistan and Pakistan while Turkey and Iraq lies in its western border. Iran also borders the Persian Gulf which is a vital oil producing area along with the Caspian Sea.

Iran is divided into 30 provinces where each of the provinces is governed by the appointed governor.

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