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The Cuisine of Iran is very diverse and the travelers will enjoy dining in this part of the world. Iran gets travelers from different corners of the world, who come here for business and also for pleasure trips. The visitors coming here will get variety of cuisines in different districts of Iran. The varied districts of Iran have got there unique culinary styles and traditions. Traveling in Iran will always be a wonderful experience for all the travelers since Iran has lot to offer to all the visitors coming here. There are plenty of restaurants in Iran which will surely solve the problem of dining for all the travelers. The stay in this part of the world will always be a memorable one for the travelers. The varied cuisine of Iran will make the trip even more enjoyable.

The cuisines of Iran include a wide range of chelow kebab that include koobideh, joojeh, shishleek, chenjeh, soltani. Then there is khoresht which is served with Iranian rice. Other dishes include kookoo. The list of dishes and desserts in this part of the world is really very extensive.

Generally the Iranian dishes are not very spicy and it can be enjoyed by everyone. In the dishes herbs are used extensively. Many fruits are also used such as grapes, pomegranates, plums, quince and much other variety as well. Most of the cuisines prepared here are a mixture of Persian rice along with meat, lamb, fish or chicken. There are lot of garlic, onions, nuts, vegetables and herbs. To get the most delicious taste the dishes are prepared with dried limes, saffron, parsley, and cinnamon. All these are blended very nicely and added to the cuisines and used in many of the special dishes as well.

The regional cuisines of Iran are all very special. The visitors coming here must taste the special dishes of the various regions of Iran. Many fast foods are also available here and all of them are really very tasty and delicious.

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