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Iran history upholds one of the oldest and continuous civilizations of the world. The Iranian civilization has covered thousands of years and has loads to offer to the tourists coming down to Iran. The ancient Iranian civilization developed on the Iranian plateau.

The long trails of the rulers and the various civilizations that have covered Iran throughout the ages have not originated from the native land itself  but  from the neighborhood as well. The civilizations in the chronological order are Mannaeans civilization in Azerbaijan followed by the Shahr-i Sokhta near Zabol in Sistan then Achaemenid, the Parthian, the Sassanid dynasties which is followed by the modern Islamic Republic  of  Iran.

The Iranian history has played a truly vital role in the development of mankind as the German philosopher Friedrich Hegel once translated the ancient Persians as "the first historic people". The statement  itself  states that human civilization has developed with the roots in Iran.

The major tribes that ruled the roost in the history of Iran are the Aryans. The rule of the Aryans was the predecessor of many ancient civilizations which developed in the Iranian plateau.

The present day Iran was historically famed as Persia to the west and it changed to Iran on March 21, 1935. The history of Iran is truly eventful and colorful as Iran itself.

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